Dating With the Herpes Virus

A large majority of people associate herpes with kissing or sex.  This is probably why genital herpes and herpes simplex 1 or facial herpes is the most common transmitted disease in the world.

If you ever  find yourself in a doctors office and have a positive diagnosis, do not become depressed or feel  like an outcast.  There are over 50 million people in this country who have the herpes simplex 2 virus and almost everyone in the world has simplex 1.  Some people just have bigger problems with outbreaks than others.  The outbreaks tend to subside as you get older.

Most people do not even realize they have the herpes virus.  And others don’t know that there are several types of herpes simplex, and not all of them are transmitted through sex.  So some people who are living with herpes did not get the virus by having intercourse.  Babies are born this way by getting it from their mother and you can get the virus just by being handled by someone who has herpes.

The reason for the different types of the virus stem from different strains.  The most common strains effect the face, mouth, hands  and genitals.  Because there are several types, the virus is classified into two types.   Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2.

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Ways to Prevent the Virus

If you don’t currently have the virus and do not want to be in the position of having to find a way to control it, then you should try to prevent from getting it in the first place.  Here are a list of ways to increase those odds.

  •  Do not have unprotected sex.
  •  Know your partner before getting close.
  •  Educate yourself about the virus.

If you have dealt with the outbreaks already and are here to find out what you can do about it.  Then there are different opinions on how to control or cure the virus.  Traditional medicine along with the drug companies want you to believe that there is no cure for this virus.  They will give you prescription drugs and creams so you think they are helping you.  If that is what you want to believe then by all means keep at it. 

There are ways to get rid of herpes, they are based around alternative methods that some people think is a bunch of voodoo.  So these methods are not for everyone.  But if you are tired of dealing with the medical established ways and are not opposed to trying something different.  Then take a look at this.



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